Buffet Ramadhan @ Redbox Ria

hye my sweetie, lovely readers...

how are you today? how's your puasa? hopefully everything going fine. no ponteng² okeh!!

this is the last week of Ramadhan. i was planned to having my buka puasa with my clicks this week. can arrr? hehehe

my plan starts by having buka puasa with my office-mate. i had really great buka puasa yesterday. we (12 person including me) went to Redbox Ria @ Sogo. the food are nice & guess what??? we all sang for 4 hours.

okeh okeh...stop talking too much. let's the picture talk more

my dessert

my buka puasa food

it's really nice

our dinner

ouh ya...the package is only rm32++ (for Redbox's member only). the package including unlimited buffet (makan sampai pengsan), unlimited drink (minum sampai penuh pundi kencing) & 3 hours karaoke room. but, we took the family package which gave us 4 hours singing like crazy!!!

the broadband line dem slow! i'll upload the other picca later.
see ya!

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