Sesi Berbuka Puasa Bersama Blogger Nuffnang

hye all my sweetie

last Saturday was the great day for me. thx a lot to dD for inviting me for the 'Berbuka Puasa' session with blogger & Nuffnang. the event was held at The Apartment, KLCC. super nice view from our table & super friendly blogger i met. the best part is, the event was fully sponsored by Nuffnang.
i datang bawak perut aje, kehkehkeh

we left Ikea @ 5.15pm i think. from Ikea, dD & I shoot to KLCC. i drove like crazy because dD said we must be there @ 6pm. dD was liar!!!! dD, hang ingat EYA aku tak mampu membuat pecutan ke???. less than 30 minutes, we safely arrived KLCC.
EYA, i'm so sorry coz force you to speed up.

here are some of the picca that i snapped. there are a lot of picca. i will upload it later okey...

me with dD

souvenir from Nuffnang

our drinks, Lemon juice & Sirap Bandung

our table

view of fountain from our table

there will be another entry about this event. i dont have enough time for editing & uploading the picca. my bband line dem slow lately. aiyak..letey mau tunggu

i really enjoy this event. met up with sporting blogger & make new friends.
dD, pape pasni ajak aku lagi yer. *wink* *wink*

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