busy dizzy working

hye all

huarghhhh!!! i am so tired & sleepy. cuba teka, pukul berapa masa entry ini dibuat??? the computer time show 8:55pm. excellent worker rite???

sudah 2 hari saya pulang lewat. semalam saya balik pada pukul 10pm. hari ni tak pasti lagi kerana saya masih menanti new patches to be install into the server. saya diarahkan oleh PM to test all the completed bugs & modifications that had been done by offshore. hahaha kalian faham apakah yang saya mengarutkan ini????

honestly from me, I really love this job. I can learn a lot of things. really appreciate the opportunity gave my Ms Rose. thx a lot!!!

ouh well, Joseph already installed it. I need to test it.
tata all

p/s: this is the reason why I've no time to update my lovely blog

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