special Syawal: Adeq

hye sweetie,

terlambat pula saya sediakan entry special Syawal terakhir ini. sorry Adeq, Along lepas demam terlupa & takde mood nak edit picca. ok all, presenting my younger sister, Adeq.

she's my younger sister & still studying at Pekan. next year is tough year for her. study smart Adeq, I know you can do it. one more advise Adeq. jangan² layan sangat peminat Adeq yang ramai tu tau

picca salam Adeq wif Ayah sama ngan picca Abang salam Mak

of course she still get duit raya. the amount just same with others, right Adeq? ekekekekek

laju sangat, tak sempat snap pic salam Mak

almost 2 weeks tak jumpa Adeq. since she was studying in boarding school, she's can't easily going home. but, we can come to her school during weekend to meet her.

miss Adeq already!


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