counting d day: 8 days to go

morning sweetie...

opening entry for today is all about my birthday countdown. hahaha am i too childish? no right... just counting my age. reminding myself that im getting older. (also getting more cute & beautiful)

there are several birthday wished that confirmed can't be fulfill this year. hahaha wanna know what it is?
part ni sedih sikit....aku nak sambut birthday sebagai kekasih, sebagai seorang tunang, sebagai seorang isteri & sebagai seorang mummy. touching!

agak², bilalah wish ini akan tercapai yer???


suezensuzanna said...

yay....8 hari lagi..wat party kat ne

♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

erk....tak tau arr
sue arrr plan kan suprise party utk anor

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