a story after 1 week holiday


after 1 week Raya holiday, sure everyone feel sooooooooooooooooo lazy to come to work. haaa....please don't lie!! tak baik tipu tau, nanti Allah marah.

yesterday, i wake up as usual in the morning, took my bath & dress-up. i choose pink on my starting day after a long holiday. hey, know what! yesterday was my first day wore new shirt that i bought before Raya. also my first time wore my Angel.

i am pinkylicious

the result?? i'm satisfied enough with the result. my skin look much more fair. maybe because of double-layer foundation that i used. hahaha

after work, i was rushed to KLIA. my beloved pinky Sis flew to Auckland for her Phd. it was our first time met. tak sempat nak bergambar bersama sebab Sis dah kena masuk balai berlepas.

i'm with Kak Zila's mama

guess what, i felt wanna cry yesterday. tak malu punya olang.

my sis with her beloved, bro Edi

i think, she already arrive Auckland. maybe busy to settle up with her Uni. i wish u all the best sis!!! balik Malaysia bagitau tau. nanti kita berStarbuck bersama².
till next story


suezensuzanna said...

pki contact lense yer??

♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

takda pakai lens pun. original eyes tau

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