special Syawal: Encik Ayah & Puan Mak

hello sweetie

i am really in a mood for updating my lovely blog. lots of picca during Hari Raya that i want to share with all of my sweetie.

in previous entry, i put all the picca in a frame. a little bit small i guess. hard to view right? to avoid any complaints from my sweetie, i try to put another picca. more larger than previous. hehehe

starting from this entry, (hanya untuk sambutan Hari Raya 2009) i would made special entry for each of my family members.
let's start with my Parent, Ayah & Mak

my beloved Mak & Ayah

Mak bersalaman & bermaafan dengan Ayah

Ayah bermaafan dengan Pak Long pula

turn Mak pula bermaafan dengan Pak Long

enough for my beloved Ayah & Mak. until next 'special Syawal' entry...


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