special Syawal: Abang

morning sweetie

happy Tuesday to all cutie & sweetie. special Syawal entry is back again. my brother. the only hero in my family, Abang.

i tried hard to find the picca which is focus on him. so camera-shy my Abang. this was the best shot that i can find.

my Abang, my brother

Abang still studying at Ipoh. he's the 3rd kids for my Mak & Ayah. very responsible brother & garang. hahaha sometimes i feel like he's the eldest between 4 of Mak & Ayah's childrens.

Ayah gave some advices to him

salam then kiss Ayah's hand. u'll get the duit raya. hihihihi

see, the duit raya at his hand!!!

like i said before, even tough we are big enough & not suitable to get the duit raya anymore, my Mak & Ayah will give it to us. how much??? let's it be our secret. ekekekeke

is it enough for the special Syawal entry??? NO!!! ya ya, i know. entry about my younger sister.
stay tuned, stay alive with me...

happy working!
tata all


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