hello sweetie...

suddenly, i'm thinking of to wear a liquid foundation. for better result on my skin, especially face. hahaha am i crazy?

of course NOT!!!

as usual, dD (my personal multifunction consultant) will guide me on how to select suitable cosmetic, how to wear it & many other tips & advices. really thankful to have him as my consultant. hahaha very understanding!!

wanna know what is the cosmetic that i wish to have before??? taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

now, it's on my finger!!!

yeah, i bought this Angel yesterday night. before that, i was talked to dD about my thought. right after that, we were looking for Watson or Guardian nearby to buy one for me. hahaha both of us really crazy!!!

presenting my new Angel

can you all see the pink color at my Angel? of the factor i really want it because it's pink. i really addicted to pinky stuffs. hahaha

well, i'll start use my Angel tomorrow. will share with all the result.


sitekateki | dD said...

wah2...entry...sakan puji aku melambong nieee..motippppp...x der komisen ke utk aku nie...hehehehe...

biar kasi ko melaram skit...x ler aysik2 camtu je ku tengok nak konvo nie...kasi makeup power2 ok...

♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

wah...kang terpikat plak TM Pahang tu kat aku...konvo jd majlis akad nikah aku plak
dah susah korang

allaboutharif said...

abis la dia ni, sgala bnda nk pakai.cpt trpngaruh dia ni, ade produk baru lak "listerine bright & clean" cuba lah pasti gigi bersinar & berseri, amcam trpngaruh tak?

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