nite @ SS2 Murni

hye readers

how are you? im pretty sure at this time, while im blogging, u all had a sweet sleep. me??? really tired but still cant sleep. must updating my lovely blog first before close my eyes. hehehe

since im staying at Bukit Jalil, almost every nite, my officemate & I had dinner together. "jalan-jalan cari makan". on Wednesday, we went to SS2 Murni. nice but the services a little bit slow. know what, my buddy damn hungry that time & getting angry. hehehe sorry Joseph for the bad services there. felt guilty...

four of us

while waiting for our food & drink, damn long, we're just chatting & laughing. there was JOKER among us. let guess who?? hehehe

the powerpuff girl

Atiqah & i also learned 1 tamil word. 'vilakku'. it's mean lamp. that the only tamil word that i can remember since the sound of the word same as Melaka.

dunno who is he staring at

ouh well, next to our table, there was a guy with blue shirt. he's so cute. hahaha am i rite Atiqah, Banu? girls' talk only.

I Love U & U Love Me drink. u shud try this

we're really had our wonderful nite that nite. really enjoyed the dinner with them.

quote from Joseph "kurang ajar, jumpa lagi"
plsss dont get mad to me

sleep time. gud nite everyone.


◕‿◕ M a S s ◕‿◕ said...

best gila air kat situ.
yum yum

♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

best & amat murah compared to william
tp chicken chop kat steven lg sedap beb

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