dusty multicolor

hye all

I am just arrived at my home sweet home at 12:35AM. damn late rite? went back from office around 9:30PM, had my dinner with office-mate at Steven Corner (the chicken chop so yummy) after that, drove to Shah Alam, Pakteh's house to take my 'dusty multicolor'. yeah Nurul, already received the item. a million thanks to you

guess what is inside the box

one of my lifetime wish list already granted. seriously, I cant wait for tomorrow to take the item at my uncle's house.

taraaaaaa...my new wallet

now i have a new wallet. yea yea! really happy. i am still thinking either want to buy the fossil clutch or not. i love the design. looks retro & unique.

oh no!! i have an examination this morning. wish me luck okey.

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