PTD = M41

hye all my readers, lovely blogger

apa khabar??? dah lunch? saya tada rasa untuk makan. mungkin makan lewat petang nanti. had heavy breakfast this morning & im still full!!!

well, anyone had experience attending PTD examination??? I was selected. hooreeeeyyyy!!! the exam will be on 8/8. another 9 more days. a lots of thing i need to read, to study. my dad already sent to me a book. the book about Malaysia...Malaysia in 50 years. it's all about history. OMG!! the book is really thick!! do i have enough time to prepare & read it???

here is the reference about PTD examination that i found on the net

Sukatan Peperiksaan
Kerjaya Sebagai Seorang PTD

sesiapa yang dapat panggilan exam ni, good luck & all the best. tempat exam saya di SMK Miharja. ada sesiapa sama tempat exam dengan saya??? care to share some tips with me??


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