Irdina Umaira

dear all blogger

apa khabar? hope everyone are fine & always happy. please take a good care of yourselves. eat on time. meet the doctor ASAP if you feel sick. get enough rest & sleep. drink lots of plain water. ahaksss

ouh well, congratulation to Abg Azzam for the new born baby girl. Abg Azzam & wife named her, Irdina Umaira. Umaira (refering to Pakteh's daughter) ada geng sama nama. hehehe

saya mahu tido. nite all

fotostat Abg Azzam's face. hahaha

Abg Azzam was my ex-supervisor while i'm worked at McDonald call center. kring kring for McD's delivery. ihiksss quite close to him & his wife, like my bro & sis. thanks a lot for all the supports & advises.

congrate again to Abg Azzam & family for the new baby! sorry datang mengejut. tada hadiah. later eyh


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