Wonder Pets

Aku nak bercerita sket ttg kartun yg aku dah jatuh cinta neh... mari kita sama2 berkenalan ngan WONDER PETS. apa yg penting???


At the end of each school day, when the students have all gone home, three classroom pets - Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming Ming Duckling and Turtle Tuck - don their capes, assemble their amazing Flyboat and become THE WONDER PETS - three courageous heroes who travel the World to save young animals in distress! And while these three heroes don't have any actual superpowers, what they do have is teamwork! This what makes them the Wonder Pets: They know how to work together!

Linny The Guinea Pig

Linny is the group's fearless leader. She's the brains of the outfit, a brave guinea pig who will do anything to help a fellow creature in need. Linny is the oldest of the Wonder Pets. Her favorite snack is celery!

Ming Ming Duckling

Outgoing and confident, Ming-Ming loves to be the center of attention. Representing the developmental age of a 3 year-old, she has recently learned to fly, which she loves more than anything else. Ming-Ming can sometimes be a bit overzealous and get ahead of herself, but this little duckling certainly makes up for it in terms of courage, caring and 'can do' spirit.

Turtle Tuck

Turtle Tuck is the heart of the group. He's a sensitive young turtle with a deep connection to all living things. Tuck loves to both give and get hugs. Developmentally, Tuck represents a 4 year-old. He is the least physically adroit of the Wonder Pets, but he has other talents - such as his excellent swimming skills - that make him a top team member.


jasmin said...

anor, hang mcm anak sedara aku plak..hihihih tapi kartunnya comel..eh letaklah chatbox..boleh borak2

amiyumi said...

hikhikhik...suka jugak kat wonderpets..apa yg penting,KERJASAMA!!

♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

jasmin: anak sedara ko tiru aku tu..

amiyumi: best kan kartun neh...cumey je n byk pengajaran

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