5 Ways to Get Over A Breakup, Fast!

aku saje surfing ntah kemana2 td. aku jumpa 1 artikel yg agak menarik, "5 ways to speed up the healing process". Mari kita baca bersama2....

1. Toss the Evidence
Whether it's a designer watch or one of those Cracker Jack box rings your ex found, your first order of business is to discard every little item that he/she ever gave you. Photos, letters, sweet post-its that say "I love you" -- all of this must be trashed. And that also goes for items you have hidden away. Even if no one else knows what's in your arsenal of romantic keepsakes, you'll know you're holding on to the past and it will take that you much longer to get over the breakup.

2. Don't Discuss It, Ever!
We've all been around people who can't stop talking about their exes. But don't be surprised to find out that more you talk about them, the harder it will to be to move on. The same goes for other people bringing up the topic. If someone asks how your ex is, refrain from ranting and politely tell them you haven't spoken in a while.

3. List Their Flaws
When we're in love, it's not uncommon to gloss over each other's flaws and inadequacies for the sake of keeping the peace. Of course, once you're out of the union, all bets are off. You're fully entitled to list of all their annoying qualities that drove you crazy. If they snored at night, ate with their mouths open, were rude to your friends, or laughed like a hyena, make sure you write everything down. The longer the list, the shorter your post-breakup recovery.

4. Be More Selective
There are two schools of thought: some people believe that the best way to get over someone is to get out and circulate, while others will tell you that dating too soon is a bad idea. The truth is if you go out and start dating every person who asks you, you're bound to end up on some disastrous dates and your ex will seem so much better in comparison. If you don't date at all, you'll risk sitting around and wallowing in a sea of boredom and despair. The key is to be very selective about your dates and only go out with singles who inspire you or, at the very least, won't send you running back into the arms of your ex.

5. Make Up for Lost Time
Even the best relationships require compromise, which is why you should make the first month out of the relationship all about YOU! Make a list of all the things you postponed or avoided doing because your ex hated it. Whether it's going to see a foreign film, watching ESPN, or planning a night out with your best buds, this is a great opportunity to get back in touch with those parts of your personality you may have left by the wayside.

walau dah "berjahit" parutnya tetap ada

[++ payah tau nak 'jahit' hati sendiri. makan masa tu ++]


Anonymous said...

saje surf ke naper nih....


♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

yeay...ada pun queen.
ekeke mmg saje surf la queen...
ingat kita keciwa ke????

Anonymous said...

ingatkan kecewa keww....
biase ape yg kita tulis melambangkan
ape yg kita rase kan


MrKalamHitam said...

yup tul tu queen :D
tapi biase ah... hati kecewa sape nak ngaku kan :D Jangan marah yerk.. :D


♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

queen: kita takde arr keciwa tu..masa tulis tu tgh mood cedey :( sob..sob..sob...

kalamhitam: amboi...amboi...amboi... jupe geng nampak???

Anonymous said...

kdg2 x ngaku lg baik dr ngaku..
biar sedey d dalam hepi kat luar..

mood sedey x elok d amalkan
nnt idop x ceria..
soo...kita enjoyyyy...huhu


♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

queen: kita selalu mmg cuba cheer up no matter what happen...hehehe

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